Enemy Spells

Enemy Spells: Fear, anger, and discord are no longer your companions. You should not have to stand for someone causing damage to your life, or the lives of others. Not to be mistaken for a Binding Spell. Our Enemy Spell Casting will bring a halt to their plans and actions and neutralize their hunger for destruction and misery. This is is an excellent Hex Magic to bring chaos to your enemies or someone that you dislike. Perfect for someone who has done you wrong in a horrible way. So if you would like to pay them back, then this is the type of Magic that you should buy from us and trust us they will never bother you again.

Enemy Spells are very hard for most people to learn how to cast. However, when we cast our Enemy Spell for our clients in most cases, they see full results. Some people seem to have a lot more enemies than others. This is not a Death Spell as we don’t cast that type of Magic at all only to pay someone back for what they had done to you. We have found these old Spells to protect oneself from enemies in an ancient book printed back in 1908. Now if you choose to buy this type of Magic from us you should also buy our Protection Spells so no harm will come to you as this apart of our Black Magic Spells collection.

Just a few examples of situations where our Enemy Spells can help. You know someone that is out to get you, and their crimes must be halted right now. You suspect that the bad things are occurring you are the result of a covert enemy. Someone is doing ill, and you need them to stop. Here at  blackandwhitemagicspells.com. We can help with our Enemy Spell Casting. With our enemies Spell, we will be using a Black Candle as well as some herbs to represent the tormentor. Also, we will be using Yellow and Purple Candles they are use to bring energies to weaken their negative impulses and intentions. This Enemy Spell Casting will even begin to cast doubt on their motivations for causing such unrest for others. Stop your enemies in their tracks today with our Enemy Spells.